Grand Cayman Private Boat Tours

When you book a Grand Cayman private boat tour with Ebanks Watersports, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. On our tours, beautiful crystal-clear water will surround you as you relax and escape from reality. Learn more about our special boat tours, below.

Custom Private Boat Charters

Join us for a custom private boat charter. On our private boat, you can visit Stingray City and go snorkeling at many gorgeous locales, including the Barrier Reef, Coral Gardens, Starfish Beach, Rum Point, or Kaibo. Enjoy some time with your family or friends, and explore everything that Grand Cayman has to offer; take amazing pictures of the beautiful scenery, and soak up the sun. We offer our custom private boat charters for a maximum of 9 people. Book your private boat charter to experience Grand Cayman’s beauty.

Private Luxury Bioluminescence Tour

A bioluminescence boat tour is an experience you will not forget. On our bioluminescence tours, you will explore the Bioluminescence Bay where millions of microorganisms light up the bay at night. During the tour, you can admire the lights from the boat deck, or you can grab some snorkel gear and see everything up close. Book your private luxury bioluminescence tour today, and experience Grand Cayman like you never have before on our bioluminescence tour.

Cayman Sunset Private Charter

On our Cayman Sunset charter, you will ride in our extremely spacious 45’ boat, the Cayman Sunset. On this special Grand Cayman private boat tour, you can snorkel around Stingray City Sandbar, visit Starfish Beach to search for starfish and seashells, or stop at Rum Point and Kaibo for a delicious dinner and drinks. The choice is yours on our Sunset private charter.

Our Grand Cayman private boat tours will help you leave the crowds behind and experience all the beauty that Grand Cayman has to offer. On your private tour, you’re sure to have the time of your life with friends and family. You may even make new friends and memories that will stick with you for a lifetime. If you’re looking for the best boat tours in Grand Cayman, then you’ve come to the right place. Book your private boat tour of Grand Cayman with Ebanks Watersports today.